Coming Soon

Note: This page serves as a coming soon page with only basic information. Lambowie is currently in the setup phase.


Lambowie offers high quality, rugged, hand forged Crypto knives. The first and to my knowledge only company that does what we do.

  • Each blade is tokenized and registered on the Block chain using Raptoreum
  • A uniquely named token is issued for your blade which you can take possession of. This proves the knife is from Lambowie, you are the real owner, the age, and a few pictures of the blade and its forging process. These pictures are attached to the token your blade is issued and further proves its authenticity as well as tell its “story”. Each blades name includes a number which shows if it was the first ever Lambowie blade, or the 1000th.
  • Your blade can be marked with your favorite Crypto logo and or public key, name, and even QR code! See below for current available logo list.


I am taking pre-orders. If you are interested you can send me an email at and I will give you a price, pre-orders must be paid in full to reserve your spot. I will want to know desired length of the knife, finish type, colors, how the knife will be used, and any marking that you want on it.

Orders will start shipping in August once Raptoreum mainnet is launched.