Lambowie Hand Forged Damascus Knives Stored On The Blockchain

- Every knife is tokenized and ownership transferred to you

- The token is stored on the Raptoreum Blockchain which is immutable and forever proves your
ownership, age of knife, and uniqueness.

- Attached to each token with IPFS is a picture, short video, guarantee,
and bill of sale.

Each Damascus billet and blade is hand forged and individually crafted, including the sheath. Damascus is a combination of 1095 tool steel and 15N20 Nickel tool steel. This combination of steel is rugged and tough, yet holds a fine edge very well, these blades are meant to be used.
The contrast between the two different steels increases with use, the blade actually increases in beauty the more you use it. These blades do use Carbon tool steel so you do need to take a little care to protect them from rust. This can simply be keeping them clean and dry.
Payment: only accepts Cryptocurrency. If you would like to buy a knife but are not sure how Cryptocurrency works don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or live chat (look down and right)